Author — D.A. Featherling

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May 18, 2005

     I have done it and am proud of it, but also most fearful. Have I created something that will be a benefit to the world or opened a door to terrible evil?

     As an inventor, I have had many failures and some small successes. Now I’m faced with the most important invention anyone has ever made. And I am perplexed as to what to do about it, or with it.

     I have tapped into time. Yes. Time travel – both to the future and to the past – no longer will be a dream. Something about which stories are made up. Now it can be accomplished and I am fearful of what I could unleash.

     What to do? I have created what looks like an ordinary game – complete with game board, little wooden tokens, and four incredible stones which also have the power to unlock the universe.

     This ‘game’, as I’m calling it – even to myself – is drawing me with its mystery and its attraction to know what is in the future. Or to visit places in the past which only exist in history books. Do I dare try to ‘play’ the game…make it work to allow myself to go where no one has ever gone before? I cannot decide.

     Little did I know when I mastered the equations, did the math, and unlocked the secret of time travel that I would be caught up in such a moral dilemma. Do I dare experiment with myself being the time traveler? Or should I leave it to some future adventurer to test the boundaries of time and space?

     Perhaps I should destroy the whole apparatus…pretend like it never existed and assure safety for myself and those to come. Or I can simply put what looks like an ordinary game into its box, close the lid and hide the whole thing in my old trunk. Leave it to chance…or to God…to see if someone in my family might, in the future, discover it and have the heart and mind to explore the possibilities…and endure the dangers.

     What to do? I can only pray I make the right decision.


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D. A. (Dorothy) Featherling has been writing for a number of years for adults. She has penned mysteries, romantic comedies, end times fiction, and romance, as well as a non-fiction cold case murder that occurred in 1930.

To date, she has published 14 books and is presently working on a new one. She worked in regular jobs for years in corporations, state agencies, and a university physics research center and owned her own home staging business. She has won awards for journalism, fiction, and public speaking and been featured in magazines, newspapers, and videos.

She currently lives in Georgetown, Texas where she is grandmother to Jonathon who acts as a first reader for her new Preteen/YA fiction…the Time Game Series.  Ms. Featherling appears and/or speaks at events for civic groups, clubs, churches, and schools throughout Central Texas. Her main hobby is reading, but she’s been known to make a mean Snickerdoodle cookie as well.

Her goal in writing is to offer exciting fiction to entertain and inspire her readers of all ages.